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If you are stuck within a parking structure or basically a very tight parking situation in which a flatbed cannot access, then you should consider wheel lift towing. Wheel lift towing is basically the same kind of towing as the traditional hook and chain towing method, except it uses a metal yoke. The metal yoke will then hold the front or back tires while the other side of the vehicles tires ride on the ground. This type of towing is best for front wheel drive vehicles, however you need to address which type of transmission drive your vehicle has to the phone operator. They will then ensure that wheel lift towing is your ideal towing choice towards your vehicle. If your vehicle is low profile, you may want to request the flatbed towing instead to be safe. Wheel lift towing is one of our more affordable towing options but is only suitable for specific types of vehicles.


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We are well aware that these problems occur at any hour of the day and can ensure you that we will be there to answer your call when you need help. It's important to hire a fast and reliable wheel lift towing company that knows exactly how to fix your vehicles issues whether its via towing or roadside assistance. Our fast and friendly phone operators will dispatch our closest tow truck or roadside assistance provider to address all your vehicles issues. If you have a flat tire, dead battery, need a jump start, or even a winch out they will be able to help you fix those problems as well.



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