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Quality Roadside Assistance at Reasonable Prices

If your vehicle is no longer running or requires roadside assistance we are here to help. We have helped countless drivers who were stranded on the road dealing with vehicle issues get back on the road driving in no time. These issues are very unpredictable and can wear away at anyone's patience. Simply leave your vehicle problems to IC Towing Assistance Van Nuys to deal with. Our highly experienced and trained roadside assistance drivers will meet you at the given location and address your vehicles issues. Whether you're stuck in a ditch, got a flat tire, ran out of fuel in the middle of no where, battery died, battery needs a jump start, or even if its just vehicle transportation we have it all covered!


Our Drivers are Fast, Professional, and Friendly

Many of our clients compliment our tow truck drivers and roadside assistance providers for not only being very fast, but also for being very kind. Our company understands this may be a stressful situation for you and we want to help eliminate any unnecessary stress you may be having. Not only will our drivers help turn your bad day back into a good one, but they will also ensure you are given the best price within the industry. Helping others is what we are all about and our towing clients will always come first.



roadside assistance

Battery Replacement:

The lifespan of a battery is typically about 1-3 years depending on what kind of car battery you purchase. One thing that is certain is that they tend to die out from over usage. Whenever you may face a dead car battery problem give IC Towing Assistance a call so we can deliver you one and install it for you. You will feel the difference once you turn the key and take off.

Fuel Delivery:

Driving can sometimes become so demanding towards your attention that you can easily forget about your fuel usage. If you happen to run out of fuel while driving towards your destination and need a fast refuel we are here to take your call. It's best to let our trained professional technicians handle your refueling because it can be very dangerous to do yourself, especially if you have never refueled via fuel canister before.

roadside assistance
roadside assistance

Jump Start:

Our service technicians can jump start your vehicle quickly and very affordably. Once you let the dispatcher know your location they will send out a service tech to jump start your vehicle and get you driving again in minutes. They will first give it a charge which can take up to 10-15 minutes. This is to ensure your car battery has enough power to start the engine.

Flat Tire:

Your vehicles tires will eventually come across a bad situation like nails in the road, a pot hole, a sharp rock, or objects left over by construction workers. If your vehicle has a flat tire and you need to get it repair, if not swapped out with your spare, all you gotta do is give us a call so we can send out our fast roadside assistance techs to get the job done.

roadside assistance
roadside assistance

Winch Out:

It can be a very agonizing situation when your vehicles tire is stuck in a ditch, pot hole, or even a sink hole. This can render your car useless since it has no significant grab towards the ground which it needs to move in any direction. Whats needed is called a winch out, which will pull your vehicle out of the hole and back on the road giving it back the traction it lost. Our tow vehicles are all equipped with winch out installations and can get you out within minutes.

Car Transportation:

Transporting cars is something we always get called to do even though their vehicles are in complete working order. This is because certain vehicles are for car shows or possibly for circuit racing, in which they want the vehicle tuned up ready to go. They know driving the vehicles before the race can wear away the tune up or get the car dirty for the show. Then again there are times when a car that is not in running condition may need transportation to a body shop for restoration. Whichever the need we are here to help.

roadside assistance

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