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Out of all our towing options flatbed towing has to be the best option for safety. No matter which transmission type flatbed towing is perfect for the job.  Our flatbeds will leave your vehicle in the condition it was originally in. If your car is in a wreck and no longer in drive-able condition utilizing flatbed towing is also your best option. Our company is proud to be one of the San Fernando Valleys top choice in flatbed towing since we have only the most experienced tow truck drivers. They have seen every type of vehicle issue on the road and have addressed them professionally. All of our equipment is up to date and the best on the market. This is to ensure your towing experience is the best towing experience at the lowest cost. We are very understanding with our pricing since we know how important it is to save money.


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The advantages of using flatbed towing is that it actually lifts the entire vehicle off the ground versus it being dragged on the road by its rear or front wheels. If your vehicle is 4 wheel drive or rear wheel drive then you must use flatbed towing since any other method will destroy your transmission. The maintenance of each flatbed can get costly for the company however we believe in investing into our business any chance we get, simply to enhance your towing experience. It's these types of methods which prove us to be the flatbed towing company that goes the extra mile.


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Give us a call anytime you need immediate flatbed towing. We understand that in certain situations this may be an emergency but ensure that you address the phone operators all of your vehicles problems so we can get there fast to help.


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