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Do you own an expensive exotic car and looking for a reliable professional exotic car towing company? IC Towing Assistance hires only the best and most experienced tow truck drivers who are experts in towing exotic cars. They will ensure each vehicle is secured tight before taking off and will always drive in the safest routes to avoid bumps in the road. Our 5 star treatment will ensure your vehicle is covered with a sheet to prevent any small pebbles or objects from hitting the car while in transit. They will also add padding around the tires to make sure the vehicle is completely covered.  We understand your investment is not only expensive, but also a piece of your identity. We guarantee your vehicle will be transported safely and fast.


exotic car towing


Hire an Experienced Exotic Car Towing Company to Take Care of Your Investment

Our towing technicians will assure all your needs are met regarding your exotic car towing needs. Let them know any additional details about your vehicle and they will make it a priority to address it. They have towed various exotic vehicles such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Aston Martin, Tesla, plus many more. Some of these vehicles were worth as much as houses! None the less we have always had success with each tow job and always making each owner smile after the transport is complete. Our company will always keep your needs and wants as our #1 priority, so let our drivers know what you need.


exotic car towing


We Only Offer First Class Service and Affordable Exotic Car Towing

Anytime we get a call for an exotic car towing job we know it will become a priority towards our company since the vehicles require much special care and attention. Our white glove treatment will ensure your vehicle is transported within the same condition it arrived. Perfection.


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